Rick’s journey into the voice acting world began at the age of seven, in Panama City Beach, FL. Armed with a cassette recorder, he became obsessed with capturing the sounds around him, particularly…….. voices.

Growing up, Rick studied music, and quickly discovered that performing was his passion. At age 12, Rick performed his first professional (paying) gig in Boca Raton, FL. Discovering that one could earn money as a performer, Rick’s future was decided. At seventeen years old, Rick began performing with various south Florida ensembles in nightclubs (yes, he was way too young to be in one) and theaters, and continued to do so throughout college.

After relocating to the Mile-High City of Denver, Colorado, Rick performed with groups that shared the stage as an opening act for legendary artists such as: Earth, Wind & Fire, Bonnie Raitt, Tom Petty, and dozens of others. As Rick began recording albums with various artists in the region, he fell in love with engineering and the production process. Rick eventually connected with KUVO Jazz, one of the premier jazz radio stations in the world. KUVO managers met Rick at a performance and quickly recognized his vast knowledge of the music, and his passion for the production process. Subsequently, Rick was invited to guest host various shows, voice commercials, and assist with production work for KUVO. Rick was a natural fit, and subsequently hired to host for the station on a regular basis.

Through the tutelage of world-renowned voiceover coach, Nancy Wolfson, with, Rick has developed his tender grit and contemplative style. Rick’s soulful tenor will give your project an authenticity that your clients are certain to relate to.


“Groovy, Rick. Groovy!” – Nancy Wolfson,